Reliable facts and information are a basic precondition for any dialogue that attempts to further understandings about living together in a society blessed with diverse communities

“The more the war over our attention intensities, the farther the truth is pushed to the sidelines, as the truth does not provide any advantage in this war. The easiest way to capture people’s attention is to press their (emotional) buttons – the fear button, the hate button, the greed button. All too often, media sources expertly press these buttons, instead of searching for the truth.” (Noach Harari)
With the onset of the digital information revolution and the spreading of said information via traditional and social media channels, a growing awareness towards the need to examine and verify the information we consume arose. More and more bodies have been established to examine, identify and classify the quality of information spread by the media and on social networks. This information is accessible to use. All we need to do is decide that we’ll investigate it before passing judgment – take pause before spreading the news. This is a basic form of assuming responsibility for the world we live in together.
If we all take responsibility for the way we consume and distribute information, and think before jumping to conclusions, we can create a reality of joint thoughts and actions. Each of us has the power to influence others for the better, simply by applying logical reasoning and basic principles of fairness.
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