Ideally an annual seminar

These are our common messages for those who will conduct peace negotiations with the Palestinians: The process was done dynamically, in which things were said by the participants and during the course of things Sharon and the group sharpened, and his help to extract the statement behind the things. I am currently writing the document with our names. I suggest that after everyone has sharpened her words and reassembled with the need, we will give up the names and simply make it the group’s sayings. Perhaps even in order for everyone to formulate her words in such a manner during negotiations, one must take into consideration The essential issue that is important to Israeli Jews that must be taken into account in the discussion of a political settlement? Too-we have room for individual feeling and what it means for their daily lives. Authority to discuss and make decisions for people who do not emit. Ruth Ben Haim – to recognize the fear, take it into account and the existential points, as well as the roots of the historical primordial fear between Isaac and Ishmael.