Idia members tell about their joined journey

Being part of an Idia group takes courage. There is never a dull moment. We step out of our comfort zone, look at ourselves, our beliefs and paradigms through our friends’ eyes. Friendship, trust, and love that we build over time allow us to touch upon our core identities, our different paths, our pains and concerns as well as our hopes and joy, and to seek together a shared vision of our joined future in our homeland
Members Recount
Pnina, Religious, Samaria
Idia is where I learned that my faith and beliefs can hurt others. What was clear to me may be open to the doubts of others and need to be examined, even if this path is a challenge to traverse.
Sarah, Religious, Samaria
“Who among us is brave enough to enter real dialogue? To risk her identity and her stable world and to forego proving her truth? ” (Dr. Shimon Azoulay). That is Idia for me: when we internalize this attitude, our hearts begin to open.
Ayala, Secular, Central Israel
At Idia, we can speak openly on conflicts and on what hurts and angers. We can disagree and still feel a part of the group, experiencing a sense of belonging, partnership and even love.
Adi, Secular, Central Israel
Women hold within them the unique wisdom that is the ability to pay attention and dialogue. Using texts as the basis for our dialogues allows us to circumvent pitfalls, observe them and try to understand them from different perspectives.
Rina, Religious, Samaria
My listening improved. I felt less of a need to “win.” Instead, I could see the person behind the words and opinions, a beloved and valued friend, and know that her worlds come from an authentic, scared and pained place.
Betty, Religious, Samaria
I started off fearing that a slippery slope would lead to the loss of my identity. When I learned to listen, I understood that constructive dialogue can together build a strong, constructive foundation and hope for the future.
Gali, Secular, Central Israel
Exiting the bounds of what was familiar and similar to what was perceived as strange and foreign led me to understand that walls can be toppled by love, containment and empathy.
Leora, Secular, Central Israel
Other ways exist! We can listen and be heard – without violence and while recognizing what binds and what divides. We can clarify conflicts, while deepening out familiarity with our counterparts
Racheli, Religious, Samaria
For me, Idia is the ability to speak and know that I am being listened to – and to listen and know that my fellow group members trust that I am truly listening to what they have to say.
Pazit, Central Israel
A unique opportunity for significant dialogue on conflict-ridden topics from a place of comradery, tolerance, acceptance and warmth.