Idia Groups: A Joined Journey

Dialoguing for Impact

“And again, our land awaits at our doorstep, impatient and alert ,as always, upon embarking on her exodus”…(Rivka Miriam)

Joining an Idia group is a commitment to a dialogue that can effectively reach across our communities. Together with women from our diverse communities we reach understandings on the core building blocks of our joint future.
It is a fascinating journey of individual empowerment that positively impacts our lives; in our families, communities and hopefully, our society.

The Idia groups are a grass-root bonded community

We form in-person and cross-community groups that meet regularly,for guided sessions. Each group is equality comprised of members from two to three communities, and together, all of our groups, create a new, strongly bonded community of mixed cultures, identities and beliefs.

On-going year-to-year program in the members’ homes

The meetings take place in the group members’ homes, every 3 weeks, for a period of three evening hours. 8 meetings each year on top of IDIA’s yearly seminar, where all IDIA group members meet together for a full day of lectures and workshops with key influencers and top scholars.

Professional instruction, studying and experimenting

IDIA facilitators have years of experience working with conflict groups, guiding through texts, practice and process. They are scholars in a variety of textural resources, including poetry, philosophy, Jewish and general sources, and diverse texts originating in the rich and diverse cultures of Israel’s communities.

Enrichment and the art of positively impacting

Studying and debating with women who bring new, refreshing, challenging and surprising views is a life-changing experience. As we meet our differences and the pain they carry, we practice effective listening and considerate expression of our stands. We discover our common values, and we master the skill of phrasing agreements, disagreements and reaching understandings.

Other ways exist! We can listen and be heard – without violence and while recognizing what binds and what divides. We can clarify conflicts, while deepening out familiarity with our counterparts.

Leora, Secular, Central Israel

Exiting the bounds of what was familiar and similar to what was perceived as strange and foreign led me to understand that walls can be toppled by love, containment and empathy.

Gali, Secular, Central Israel

I started off fearing that a slippery slope would lead to the loss of my identity. When I learned to listen, I understood that constructive dialogue can together build a strong, constructive foundation and hope for the future.

Betty, Religious, Samaria

At Idia, we can speak openly on conflicts and on what hurts and angers. We can disagree and still feel a part of the group, experiencing a sense of belonging, partnership and even love.

Ayala, Secular, Central Israel

For me, Idia is the ability to speak and know that I am being listened to – and to listen and know that my fellow group members trust that I am truly listening to what they have to say.

Racheli, Religious, Samaria

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