We are all responsible for one another yet the  distance between us has grown

IDIA focuses on familiarizing our communities with the intricacies of our challenges and hopes

Ever since its establishment, IDIA has acted to strengthen the ties between Israeli and American Jewish communities. We remain committed to advocating for an open and welcoming Israel – to members of all diverse and evolving streams of Judaism, safeguarding this important bond through ongoing dialogue between Jews in Israel and the diaspora.


Are we still a family?

A survey formulated by the Israel Geocartography Institute and the S.S.R.S. Institute in 2018 reveals that there are many disagreements between Israeli and American Jews pertaining to significant topics about of joint values and future. One particularly prominent finding is the answer to the questions, “Do you view Jews in America/Israel as ‘brothers’?” only 12% of American Jews and 28% of Israeli Jews answered this question affirmatively

We share a joint destiny

“Zionism posits that the center of the Jewish nation is currently in Israel… We are in the midst of an existential battle to safekeep the Jewish-American community and we need Israeli efforts to succeed: philosophically, theologically and ideologically”.  Rabbi Amiel Hirsch, Head Rabbi of the Stephen Weiss Synagogue, UWS, Manhattan (interview Makor Rishon, Dec. 1, 2018) . Read more

we cannot give up on one another

Joint workshops with various US synagogue groups of different religious affiliations are held and enable us to get to better understand our two communities . Through our sessions and workshops, IDIA communities, here in Israel, and the American community, in all its vibrant complexity, learns to dialogue about what it important and complicated, and begin to shape a shared purpose

IDIA in New York

Together with our partner-communities in New York, we are planing to hold an IDIA group in New York, comprised of Israelis and local Jews, together with a representative of IDIA in Israel. The group holds sessions over the internet, as well as in person, in a uniquely moderated fashion. For details: Contact us


Now is the time to get to know one another and jointly make an impact.

Join our workshops, in your next trip to Israel or in New York. For details please contact us