Inspiring and Revolutionary People

In Israel and around the world, you can find many amazing, inspirational and revolutionary people. By simply being exposed to their experience and expertise, you can learn much about those existential questions that preoccupy us all – how those who openly live amid painful expressions of racism feel; how to be heard as a brave leader and call for solidarity from amid these struggles; how to break the ‘glass ceiling’ and engender change, even in complicated situations; how to muster the courage face those people we worry will turn their backs on us; and how to learn to never give up on seeing the world in all its complexities, never give up on each other, always speak up and agree on a joint path.
Click on the links below to meet great people halfway
Yaffa Broida: The Woman and the Tractor
The pioneer who insisted on conquering the country’s roads, against all odds
From Gal Gadot to Malala Yousufzai
Inspirational speeches made by women
Shlomit Berhanu: An Israeli Success Story
The social activist of Ethiopian descent in a startling statement on racism
Dr. Aliza Bloch – Another Kind of Leadership
The mayor of Beit Shemesh is the responsible and unifying leader of all
Miriam Perez – Her Israel Prize Acceptance Speech
On the terrible price, the great privilege and the hope that is in living in the present
Israeli Women at the Peak of the Global Technology Industry
Young Israeli women are leading a vision of excellence at the forefront of global science research and development
Solidarity: Fallen Soldier Yosef Cohen z”l’s Father Speaks Out
Eliyahu Merav calls for solidarity and love among us, in response to his deep sense of pain and loss
Don’t Be in a Cycle of Hate
Sayeed Masrua, the father of the late Aya , calls for a focus on the positive, life and the future.
Facing the Halakhic Glass Ceiling
Dr. Tova Ganzel – High-level halakhic learning for women, and the rabbinic institution’s response